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I suck at blogs, this is my remedy for that.

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So, I’ve been trying a while to start a blog I’m a graphic designer and have a graphic design blog that’s stagnating right now and a weightloss blog and that’s going about as well as my weight loss (I’ve lost 50 stopped and need to lose another 50 to be at a healthy weight, I’m using the tool FitDay).

I figured I’d try to do something less structured. I figure I’ll try to post a doodle every so often show where I am in some big projects and see where this takes me. With a Day Job and two big freelance jobs on top of my 9-5 I don’t have a lot of time in my day… I really envy people who can focus on their art I’m losing it being so focused on deadlines that I don’t have time to practice being creative or improving my skills.

Let’s see where this takes me shall we.

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